Shake it out

I’m always dragging that horse around….tonight I’m going to bury that horse in the ground… I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart….And it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake him off, oh woah
And it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him off…

Florence and the Machine- Shake it out

Let's Shake it out.

What are you trying to shake out this year? For me it’s negativity. I’m done with ugly feelings and bad attitudes.

Holding on to bad habits, bad feelings, IS like having an ugly demon on your back, or like dragging a horse around. You can’t get anywhere positive when you’re carrying around the negative.

Is there anything you’re trying to shake out this year?


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  1. kristin says:

    THIS IS MY mantra this year, this entire song. i heard it the other day and thought hell yes!!!! so yes here’s to shakin it! LOVE

  2. kristin says:

    oh and yes, shaking off my fear and self doubt. DONE.

  3. audreyamaro says:

    Oh yes Kristin!! Self doubt is huge for me too!! Isn’t this song just so great?? Hope you and the kids are all feeling better!! xoxo

  4. 2lives2mamas says:

    very nice, I love your attitude so much friend.

  5. Staci says:

    Oh, what beautiful words and love that flare!

  6. Denise Yocco says:

    Oh yes, it is very easy to stroke with kindness the things we like about ourselves…quite another thing to look deeply at what we don’t so much like and be kind and compassionate towards it, show it love, and realize it’s intention is to contribute to our wholeness…to teach us to see ourselves in others…to appreciate our oneness and to realize that not loving a part of ourselves leaves part of us unloved…not whole and wanting. I too am done with a graceless heart! WoW….what a great way to start this day…thanks my darling girl!

  7. kirstin says:

    Love this, Audrey! x

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