This Tuesday I’m Grateful for.

The stack on my desk is high. Bills. Work. Applications for various things. I need a shower. My child is calling my name. Phone is ringing.

Feeling rather busy at the moment.

However. I am grateful for this busy.

I am grateful for my clients. I’m busier this year this month than last year this month.

I am grateful for my kids, and their ever growing list of wants and needs. It shows they are growing and changing , and becoming their own self. And truly, I always always hope they need me for something.


I’ve been busy at the Gym working hard to get stronger and healthier which makes me sweaty, hence why I”m grateful for the shower I need.


I’m not so grateful for the bills, but I’m working hard to pay them, so that’s got to count for something.


A friend of mine  once posted a photo of her Laundry, and said she was so grateful for her pile of laundry because it meant she had beautiful family to do laundry for.

It’s so easy to look at the negative side of chores and work, but there is always a happy spin on all that work.

What are you grateful for this Tuesday?


This morning I made pancakes for the girls, and with a sinkful of dishes to do, I couldn’t find a glass to put her milk in. But I did have…..


A jelly jar. Here’s to cute jelly jars when you can’t find a glass….my heart is feeling thankful.



Happy Tuesday!!

















4 Comments Add yours

  1. nutmeg69 says:

    it’s beautiful, girl. I am finding such joy in being thankful for seemingly insignificant things and I adore that jam jar glass!

  2. Denise Yocco says:

    Life really is beautiful!

  3. man, these are words i really needed to hear…on friday : ) thanks for sharing your upbeat attitude, xoxo

    1. audreyamaro says:

      Thanks Holly for always inspiring me too!! xo

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