So one thing that I’m working on this year along with many other things is acceptance that a bad day can be turned around. How many nights I’ve laid my head on my pillow and said “Wow, what a bad day.” Roll over, go to sleep, tomorrow is another day. So many nights. Now to be fair, some of those days…..legitimately bad. No amount of positivity would turn those days around. But some days, the days when little things go wrong, I fly off the handle for a moment, I make a bad decision, why can’t they be turned around? Why can’t I press the Restart Button on my day ? Start from that moment again? And why can’t I do it again later that day? Or even again?Why should I let my whole day be ruined because of one moment?

 So I like to say it out loud. Very Loud sometimes.


I imagine a big red button. ( Ya know like those staples easy buttons.) And I hit it. And if things don’t resolve, I do it again. Because why not? Shouldn’t we try to make our days go the best they possibly can? Last week I went in to full on panic mode when I had a morning that started off wrong. I had to head to work and I did not want to take my bad morning with me. I got in my car, and yelled RESTART!! as loud as I could.  By the time I got to work, the day was new. And the rest of my day was great.  I know there will be days when I will absolutely just look forward to the next day more. It happens. But visualizing a restart has helped me. It works.

There is nothing wrong if you have to restart. It’s acknowledging the bad , and saying ” Hit the road.” “I’m not gonna let you get to me”. RESTART.

Try it. Kick that bad day to the curb.

Have an awesome rest of your day.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. nardell says:

    Ah, my friend, love how your mind thinks up things like this. It’s positive and creative and I can so see you doing it. I Love it, and great photo too – of course. 🙂


  2. Angela (journeyswithasimplegirl) says:

    i was just talking to myself about this very same thing yesterday, trying to fight off the blues that flood me when I wake feeling off and need to ‘restart’ many time before noon! restarting is sooooo much better than allowing the day to be claimed by a bad moment, decision, etc…i think my heart and yours have similar philosophies, and that makes me smile! love you A. thank you for this wonderful reminder that restarting is a healthy choice. xoxo

  3. Staci says:

    I will be taking this advice. Good wisdom!

  4. nutmeg69 says:

    yes! I say yes! and I will share with you when I need to tell myself to restart! 😉

  5. monique says:

    ohhhh audrey this is the best!!! love it oxoxoxoxo

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