From the ashes.

When I started this blog at the beginning of the year, I did so because I wanted a place to share my thoughts, share my loves, share joys, share heartaches, share the real. I chose a word, BE, to represent what I wanted to accomplish this year. I wanted to just BE. I’ve thought so much about this word, about BEING, and what it has meant for me in this 2012. Shakespeare said, “To Be or not to Be, that is the question.” Have I BEen enough? What have I learned? I’ve learned I need work. But I’ve also learned that I”ve come a long way. I feel like for the first time in a long time, I have a Peace with who I am. And I’ve come to peace with who I am not. That’s been huge. I am not, for instance someone who can blog daily. When you’re fretting about what to do for your daily blog about Just Being, guess what? You’re not BEing. And that’s okay I think. Because that’s who I am. I am not a type A personality.  I’m not a fast mover. I need to relax a little every day. I need to soak up a bit of quiet, a bit of down time to recharge my batteries. So I can BE. That’s who I am.  I probably should be living in some small  Italian village,  taking pictures with film and developing them in my bathtub. I  would drink wine in the evening while making contact sheets. Someday perhaps. For now I’m here. In this space. A little corner of America. Where I long for the simple in a not so simple world that I have been steeped in to. A world of busy, a world of electronic, a world of digital devices that I shake my head at in puzzling ways sometimes. A world that I’m learning to BE the best me I can be . I’m so amazed by so many friends, clients,  sometimes, people I meet on the street. I”m amazed at all the BEing that translates to all the DOing that’s going on out there. I give credit to so many mothers too, who are doing amazing creative things. You all inspire me so much.  I fell out of touch here- too much work, too much life, too much pressure to make something good. I knew I wanted to come back to this blog, but it had to be on my terms.

I make no promises here in this space. Only to honor myself, and to keep working on the BE.

I returned from vacation last week, with 4 rolls of film. I’m so in love with film it’s ridiculous. Film is magic. And since my bathroom darkroom is not up and running yet, I was super excited to find out from my awesome friend Debbie  ( thanks darlin!) about The Darkroom.
My biggest caveat about Film is the price. It’s not cheap. No sir. The cool thing about The Darkroom, is, it’s affordable. You send them your film. A few days later they upload your images, and then send you a disc and your negatives. $10 a roll. Film, ( hooray!) is affordable again.

I mentioned the magical qualities that film possesses, correct?
Here are a few from my recent trip with my Family to Chincoteague , Virginia.

The Baseball Game.
The Poker face.
Mini Golf
Fire and Ice

Star’s Place

Ma Loves.

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