Honor in 2013.

Honor 2013

So last year  I began a word project at the beginning of the year- It was the catalyst for the this blog- I decided to start this project, inspired by others who had chosen their words- I thought long and hard and decided on the word BE. I was really feeling the pull at the beginning of last year in many different directions- I was struggling, and and wanted to practice to BE more in the moment. And I feel like I lived up to my word. I really tried to relax more, sit back, soak it all up and in. I went out on many limbs and stretched further than I thought I could in many ways. I can’t say it was all peachy on the road to BEing, but I feel like I succeeded. 2012 was a really great year, and I truly am glad I had a great word to guide me at times. I feel like it was always sitting there in my mind.

So for 2013, I’ve decided to choose another word. The word I’ve chosen is Honor. With that word comes work. I know that I have to work on loving, respecting, and Honoring my mind, body and soul. It’s been something I feel I’ve been sweeping under the rug of life for quite some time now. January is always a tough month for me. I suffer from seasonal depression, and always feel like I get the New Year blues.  So in a way I’m starting off this year slowly, honoring this emotional roller coaster that is January.

I’ve been practicing The 9 daily habits that will make you Happier. And guess what? It’s actually making me a happier.

And I’ve been listening to this everyday too. Cause it’s still my favorite after all these years. Cheers.

Hoping to get back on this blogging train…I’ve been shooting a lot of film lately and blogging over at Every second Sundays On Film. Please check it out if you can.
There is so much talent from some amazing folks…I”m honored to be a part really.
Excited about a new project I’ll be sharing in as well..the details be up in a few days.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Staci Kennlly says:

    Fantastic word and post, my friend.

  2. Tracie says:

    I love to read about your word for this year and success of last years word:) I’m sorry bout your seasonal downness, I feel like I understand, January always seems a rough start rather than fresh start for me. I sure like the video you share and I sure love you.

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