Letting go.

January 11th. Friday. The end of the week. Well not really for me. Haha, I have photoshoots all weekend but that’s okay and I love it.

I’ve decided to say goodbye to something today. Worrying. I’ve been worried about my daughter for two weeks. And today we went to the doctor’s and found out that she’s fine. And she could have not been fine. But my worrying for two weeks did nothing in changing that outcome. It did nothing. Nothing. Well maybe it gave me a stomach ache. And maybe it made me get a few new grays. But that’s it. That is All. I am such a slave to fear. To worry and doubt. And today I’m sending it on a big gray cloud away from here. Cause I can only control what I can control.

And with that, I give Audrey.

Best quote ever.


703756161611489_qlYnh4Nf_cHappy Happy All.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. such a beautiful post and a good reminder to me. goodbye, worry! Thank you.

  2. Adrian says:

    And intelligent and very self aware post. Here’s to letting go!

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