10 on 10 January 2013

Why Hello there. Happy Tuesday! Excited  to be part of my first 10 on 10 post! If you’re not familiar with 10 on 10 here’s the deal- Every month I will snap ten pictures to document day 10. I will share my day with you, and then, link a friend who’s doing the same. I was invited by an amazing group of fellow women photogs, most of them mommies like me-It’s a cool project and I was happy to be invited. I will post each month on the 15th, give us a few days to put it together.

Here is what January 10th looked like to me …

7:45- Wake up Sleepyhead.


7:56  I work on my coffee, she works on making her lunch.


8:05  I don’t need to put a time on this, I do this all day long.


10:00 am – Little miss and I do a photoshoot with hearts….and owlies.


12:00 pm  This is the cat’s new favorite sleeping spot. I pass him on the way to run Little’s bath.


12:30  In the Tub. She loves afternoon baths best if we are home.


12:37  And the light is way better than at night.


We play for a bit after a bath and before you know it, it’s almost time for the rest of the crew to get home.

2:30 Still there


3:30 We decide to make super hero cookies after school.


Dinner is chaotic. Getting ready for bed is chaotic. When I pick up my camera again it’s 11pm. And there is a naked barbie  party in my bathroom.


Thanks so much for stopping by, I’ll be back on February 10th with 10 on 10.

Here’s how my friend Anisha Bhola spent her January 10th.

Peace and Love


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Lynn says:

    Love the collaboration. Visiting from Constantly Evolving. 🙂 Looks like you had a wonderful day and the Barbie party cracked me up! I always wondered what the dolls did when everyone was tucked into bed. Now I know!

  2. Sherry Smyth says:

    I love life’s little surprises…like a naked Barbie party in the bath!!

  3. love this peek into your day! the barbies and cookies are great! i embrace the chaos!! 🙂

  4. Staci Lee says:

    These are great! What a fun project!

  5. I loved getting to see the moments of a typical day of yours. Wonderful…seriously laughed out loud at the naked barbie party 😉

  6. caroline says:

    Naked barbie party!!! LMAO! I love these photos and love being in your photo circle again. I have missed your work (since I am not on flickr anymore). I have a feeling great things will be coming from this group!

  7. charmedonex says:

    What a fun day! 🙂 I like the barbie party too haha – great pictures!

  8. of course I LOVE THIS!!! I love your 10 on 10 on the 10th. Super cool mama. I want to take a peek at Anisha’s now.

  9. Rachel Bond says:

    Love the diary of your day…and that barbie picture…LOL!

  10. suzputtman says:

    what a nice, sun bathed day and even with an afternoon soak! so nice. the sweeping made me laugh. the dolls, and the super cool cookies!

  11. hee hee LOVE the barbie party!! I have the same party going on in my bathroom! The same mermaids too! What lovely pics! Thanks for sharing a slice of your day! and I am looking forward to getting to know you. So fun!!!

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