Ode to Patti.

 I adore singer songwriter Patti Smith. She is hands down one of my favorite artists on this planet. Her songs, her words, her person, just love her. Introduced only a few years ago to her music, I at first, was not a big fan. It took a few tries, but when I fell for her, it was a hard and lifelong fall. While I know I do not resemble her much, I’ve wanted to do a group of selfies that I felt represented how dear she is to me. This was vulnerable for me, I chose a sans makeup look,  I always adore Patti’s fresh faced photos best. Here was the photo I was trying hard to emulate…


A fantastic photo by photographer Judy Linn of the the amazing Patti. I imagine this was taken in a loft space of some sort with amazing light. I love Patti’s hair here, I seriously thought for half a second of cutting mine to try this photo but felt that might be a tad nutty. Patti was also so thin here, and I, am way more curvy. But oh well.

Here’s mine.


I would have loved to have similar lighting for this photo, but my house was kind of limiting. I actually used my tripod and remote for this one.  I took a few, this one was my fave. My shot was way more close up, Just a personal body conscious preference.  Here’s a few more I liked, and I felt had a Patti feel.

mamaowlphotography-0179 mamaowlphotography-0181 mamaowlphotography-0200

So many pictures of Patti, I love because I feel like you can not only see them, you can feel them. She holds so much emotional beauty in her photos. Patti means a lot to me so  I felt like this was important to do. Self portraits are something that means a lot to me as well. I feel like turning the camera around the other way, has been a healing for me. I like to tag a lot of my instagram photos #betterthantherapy because I walk away from my self photo sessions feeling good about me. Sometimes I work out my mess behind the camera. And sometimes, I work it out on the other side. I shoot a selfie when I’m happy, and when I’m sad. Sometimes I feel like nothing will honor how I’m feeling like a shot of me feeling that way. Truth.

I think Patti would approve of this cathartic behavior.

Thank you Patti for inspiring me beyond and beyonder. I’ll be back soon with more.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Staci Kennlly says:

    Beautiful you. Wonderful inspiration!

  2. How I adore this and you. So GOOD, more like GREAT This had me thinking. Remember a long time ago? Well it feels a long time ago anyway but you would take portraits of friends of yours and have them dress up like someone famous? I remember a few of you just like it too. Some of my favorites of your work is seeing what you can make of other people as a throw back and of yourself too, you have a timeless look about you already which is a gift. I hope you keep doing sessions like this. Do you keep them all in one set on your stream? I would love to revisit them. I also remember telling you I wonder who you would make me to be? I wish we lived closer.

    love you

    1. audreyamaro says:

      Thank you my dear friend! xo

  3. nick says:

    Thanks, your words and photos affect me as Patti did and does, puting in form feelings that let me know others are there.

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