10 on 10 for February.

Month 2 of 10 on 10, a collaboration with a group of women photogs/mothers/friends/support team. I was excited to begin this last month, for lots of reasons.

1.) It forces me to remember to turn my camera to to the everyday- I’m forced obviously to turn it towards clients, but often find after a busy day of work shooting, I’m tired. And my life on camera gets neglected.

2.) I get to meet new people. Those who participate, and those who read. This interwebs thingy is truly a gift- I’ve met some seriously awesome folks here, and this collab is no different. Kinda blows my simple mind.

3.) I’m forced to pay attention to my overly neglected blog, albeit for one day a month. So.. without further ado, I give you February 10.


It was a Sunday. Which means a relaxed pace. Can we get a huzzah for that ?  I made coffee. I put a record on. Joni Mitchell Ladies of the Canyon to be exact. Righteous.



I loaded film in my canon  av-1. I shoot film on Sundays. It’s what I do.




We recently redid our living room. We got rid of the toys, and made gasp, a grownup space. This shot may be a revel a bit in our hard work. Meh. When you live with toys, diapers, and goldfish crackers  in every oriface of your space for 10 years, welp, I say, Hellsyah. That is not Swedish. That is a mom on a mission…excited to RID HER LIVING ROOM OF KID !@#%.





Moving on. Breakfast. Sunday mornings home mean one thing only…..pancakes. Have we Huzzah Huzzahed the Sunday yet?




Random Cat shot. He’s big and it’s hard not to take his peeeture.



Back to breakfast. My oldest was away on a sleepover- So it was my honey and my little.











Random cup from Chinatown dollar store. Kinda the best thing ever. It reads:  Happy to you / I want to share all time with you your friends share with yours. ( and I want to move to China and have a lovefest)




Breakfast ends. Cute boys on my couch.  ( I am a lucky girl)




More play from the morning.


mamaowlphotography-2884 mamaowlphotography-2879 mamaowlphotography-2870


And then work. My family owns a coffee shop. I do about 2 shifts a week when I’m not super swamped. It gets me out of my house and makes me feel hip and cool. The average age in the cafe at a any given time is about 19 1/2.  How do we say love in Hipster?


The latte below I did not make. My latte skills are weak in comparison.  I’m working on it.




A little girl gave me a Snow White valentine. It made my day.




Awww, my co workers, stepdad and sis in the mix. Love them all.




After my shift, I went for a drink which I rarely do. So darn fun.




The rest of the night got away from me, but snapped my finished dishes later on at let’s say 5 minutes to midnight. Sheeesh.




Let’s see how  Sara Stonehouse’s day went. http://sugarlens.ca/blog/2013/02/10-on-10-february/


Thanks for stopping by! xo





















9 Comments Add yours

  1. Jordan Parks says:

    these are awesome!!! and hi nardell! i love your grown up living room. mine looks NOTHING like that. it’s the whole goldfish dealio:)

  2. Rachel Bond says:

    Lovely, Lovely shots! And beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  3. Christine McAuley says:

    What a fun filled busy day you had!! Your grown up room made me smile! I love the one of your daughter peeking out the window and that yummy latte!!! Thanks for sharing!!! so fun!! 😉

  4. ohhh.. love the boys on the couch! and some super cute pics of cameras in action. Oh to get rid of toys in the family room, I love how retro + cozy it feels. I love the first pic, sets the mood!

  5. caroline says:

    OMG…I want to crawl inside my computer and walk into your space. I felt like I went on the nicest journey just now…ahhhh. I love your photography and I love how you spent your Sunday!

  6. I love them all! Your daughter is so sweet – the one where she’s peeking out the window is my fav. My house is still in the goldfish stage 😦 so I’m very envious of your grown up space! And I loved reading about your day!

  7. ralph says:

    This is such a perfect project for you, and each of these shots is a beautiful piece of your day – love love it. And it has GOT to be illegal to have that many handsome dudes on your couch. 🙂

    1. audreyamaro says:

      Yes, Illegal indeed! Thank you my dear. xo

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