Stop saying sorry. Be Kind. Stop comparing. Open up your heart. Sunshine is important for sanity. It’s okay to be unsure.

photoA month ago I blogged about my 2013 word. The word is Honor. And in my path to that word, I know I will learn a lot . I have learned a lot. I will learn a lot about who I want to be, and who I do not want to be. I really feel like I pick up little gems on a daily basis.  I was hoping when I started, to do a weekly  “what I learned”.  I’m not very good at keeping a journal, so I’m kind of treating this blog as a journal of sorts. I’ve had some very kind words from a few friends and family about keeping this up. I truly do feel like I’m horrible at expressing myself. I read lots of blogs where the words just flow like water…you’re left in tears by the end. I do not share that gift. However, if I can help one person, just one person feel a little better about their life, their day, then that’s enough to be here.

Here’s a week’s worth of wisdom I gleaned.


1. Stop saying sorry for everything.

So this past week I was a my local tattoo shop, getting the owl on my ankle touched up a bit. As I sat down with my awesome friend and tattoo artist, I said, ” Oooh dude, I”m so sorry, I didn’t shave my legs!”

He looked at my kind of in shock, as to say ” Why are you saying sorry for that?” And then he actually said ” You don’t need to say sorry about that. ”  And this got me thinking. I say sorry for lots of things. Too many things. I’m kind of always apologizing. I say sorry  more than I say lots of other things. My tattoo artist told me he rarely ever says sorry. This concept is so foreign to me. I’m practically sorry for existing most days! And that’s kind of a problem.  The definition of sorry is this:


  1. Feeling distress, esp. through sympathy with someone else’s misfortune.
  2. Filled with compassion for. Synonyms sad – sorrowful – miserable – rueful – woeful

I realize that when I give my Trader Joes clerk the wrong change or forget to complete my transaction I’m really misusing this word. I’m neither woeful or sorrowful. Just like I was not miserable or sad for not shaving my legs. Granted, there are many things to be sorry for. Daily life is not one of them.


2. Practice kindness all the time. At every turn, every dealing, every interaction. Even with those that are not kind with me. Because you never know what someone is going through. A customer came in our  cafe and was kind of rude and abrupt. I was kind of not that nice back. I found out later that his son had recently died.  Who felt like the jerk? Me.

3. Stop comparing successes of others with my own. I think this is especially true as an artist. There is enough room on this planet for us all.  ” Don’t worry yourself with jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind, the race is long. And in the end it’s only with yourself. ” That quote’s from  one of my favorite songs Everybody’s free. Go back a few blog posts and it’s linked in. I listen to it almost daily.

4.  Open up your heart to everyday successes. The hug you got from making your daughter’s grilled cheese “so yummy!!” The phone call from a friend and at the end she says “thanks for listening.” These little things are the little miracles of life. They can keep us going if we let them. Let the words sink in to your soul, and allow the gratitude to settle in your heart. Allow this gift.

5. Sunshine is vital for sanity. We’ve had so little of it lately, that’s how I know. Today I’ve found a sunny pocket of my house to sit and type. It’s making me quite happy!

6.  It’s okay to be unsure about how you feel about certain things. It means that you’re thinking hard about it. And important things should be thought hard about.


I’m also going to share something I came across this morning via a friend on Facebook. It’s a poem about bullying, so super powerful and touching.



Peace and Love.


What did you learn this week?











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  1. So brilliantly weird – you just left a comment in my space as I was half way reading through this.
    Beautiful post. Loved reading and agreeing with it.
    Your word is serving you well xxx

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