March 10 on 10.

Another month here for 10 on 10. March. Around here the cold is slowly turning away,  warm air is mixing in. Crocuses are popping up, sunlight is hanging around. It’s making me quite happy!

This is my Day for March 10th in pictures. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end and follow the link in the chain…and read all about Jordan and her day too! I love this project!

So my day started with flowers, my favorite flowers, Ranunculas. I decided to buy them for a photo shoot, but I never really need a reason.  From there I snapped a few of my older daughter taking pictures of my younger. My favorite part of the day was when we woke up my husband, and everyone congregated in there for a while. I got some cute new pics of the girls together, and love the ones I got of my oldest ,whose 10th birthday is this week, so hard to believe!  Early in the afternoon it was time for a shoot, but it was my closest friend, so it was so fun of course! I had wanted to shoot some film of her, in a Julie Andrews/Mary Poppins Inspired set. I cannot wait to get the film back, but I shot some digital too.  I got in and snapped a no makeup selfie, and few cute ones of Phoenix in the light. Oh the light was so good. And then it was bed time, and I got the girls reading together. All in all, a fantastic day, so glad I have it in pictures. I’ve decided I will make a book at the end of the year with all my 10 on 10’s included.

mamaowlphotography-4612 mamaowlphotography-4623 mamaowlphotography-4624 mamaowlphotography-4628 mamaowlphotography-4637 mamaowlphotography-4656 mamaowlphotography-4659 mamaowlphotography-4669 mamaowlphotography-4675 mamaowlphotography-4705 mamaowlphotography-4756 mamaowlphotography-4758 mamaowlphotography-4761 mamaowlphotography-4773 mamaowlphotography-4781 mamaowlphotography-4784

Thank you so much for stopping by, here’s the link to Jordan’s Blog, go and check out what she was up to on the 10th!

Peace and Love xo


7 Comments Add yours

  1. I adore your 10/10 ADORE IT. Your day was completely inspirational and I loved seeing the moments in your day. You look gorgeous as always in your selfie and so pure and angelic. Thank you for sharing, thank you so very much.

  2. what a nice relaxing day you had. Your girls are beautiful and I love the shots of the light coming in from the blinds.

  3. Jordan Parks says:

    i love the ones with all that yummy light-through-the-blinds on their faces! Your girls are adorable!!! And hi Phil!

  4. Oh the stripes of light and it shining down on your daughters long curls!! You are so good! Lots of sweet portraits and love how you mixed in the flowers

  5. Christine McAuley says:

    wow what a lovely full day you had!! Lots of family time…so wonderful!! I love how you captured the light in a lot of your images! so beautiful seeing the girls together! keepsakes!…that is for sure! 🙂 Your girls are absolutely beautiful! and Hello to you!! good job getting a selfie in there! your lovely!

  6. Rachel bond says:

    I love your daughter’s pretty red hair! gorgeous pictures! Oh, and I LOVE your self portrait – you look gorgeous and happy!

  7. Adrian says:

    You have such a unique and beautiful way of shooting. I really like how you see the world around you.

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