10 on 10 April.

It’s that time of the month again, and I almost missed it. Thank goodness I’m doing this with friends to keep me in the loop. That being said, despite the forgetfulness, I flipping love this project, and can’t say thank you enough to Jordan for inviting me.

So here is what April 10th looked like in my world.

Mornings always start with a little bit of eye rubbing.




I would do more eye rubbing myself, if it wasn’t for coffee. I usually do drip coffee, but on this day I busted out the French press. Something about French press makes me feel fancy. It’s the little things.





Breakfast. Deep dark rye toast with ricotta, banana, almonds and a honey drizzle. I love food.



On the 9th I went for a run with a friend, and when we got back to her house she cut me some Forsythia from her tree. It’s made me happy all week.


mamaowlphotography-7993And this shot I really took for my daughter. She loves our kitty stormy.




I love making photo books, this one I made last week, Shutterfly was doing a free book promotion. Score.



Me as a cat.



We did braids.


Popsicles happened in the afternoon.

diptych for 10 on 10 April


I was feeling summery on this warm day. And so happy. mamaowlphotography-8006


I love when Phil comes home and Phoenix and him talk in the kitchen.


mamaowlphotography-8016 mamaowlphotography-8017 mamaowlphotography-8019 mamaowlphotography-8020


I guess he was hot.





So a few months ago I told my husband Phil that I wanted to take his picture when his hair got really long. He’s about ready to shave it, so I jumped on it. He has always reminded me in a way of Sal Mineo, and here is my picture inspiration for this.


dip of Phil


But these next ones really are my favorite. He’s a keeper.




The night ended with Chef Phoenix making pancakes, and then she ate a popsicle that matched her dress. Go figure. She likes to color coordinate with her food.






Ok, now if you’d like to keep clicking in the chain, here’s the link to Suzanne’s  blog, Clicks by Suzanne.


Thanks for stopping by! Next month I’ll be away for my post, but plan on still posting my 10 on 10 but a bit later.
Off to send out the taxes, happy Monday!







5 Comments Add yours

  1. lisamac333 says:

    love them all audrey…those pictures of Phil are amazing!!!

  2. cara says:

    the black and white of your husband must be printed and framed. so so good. and that shot of the forsythia…gah! light love. i want to see more of that room too! love em.

  3. Caroline says:

    I found out how to leave a comment!!! I love this shots…every. single. one. You inspire me…big time!!!

  4. Audrey, Audrey!!! Each month I forget about your amazing 10/10 and then I get reminded and I grin from ear to ear as I read your descriptions and take in your images. I love your love for this life, for your husband and people, You are an awesome person and I’m glad I know you just a little bit.

  5. so sweet Audrey! Your daughters hair is to dye for!

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