10 on 10 June.

Woohoo! I’m back after a month of missing this. My May was spent away, and while I did shoot, I feel like May is such a distant memory at this point. I’m happy Summer is here, my kids are just about done school, we have one more half day. We will be off to the beach soon, off to summer adventuring. I heart summer so so big! Here is what June looked like for me on the 1oth, or maybe  ( wink wink) I swapped the day of torrential downpours for a sunny day on the 11th? Shhhhh. No one has to know.

Follow the link below to see what my super talented friend Jordan was up to this month.




Kitty man. Poser.
Dressing in the third princess outfit of the day.
She’s constantly trying hard to read everything.
My new lamp.


She likes her new shirt.


  mamaowlphotography-3729-2 messing around with some double exposures.


 mamaowlphotography-3668-2mamaowlphotography-3684-2  mamaowlphotography-3693-2  mamaowlphotography-3704-2mamaowlphotography-3698-2 mamaowlphotography-3722-2mamaowlphotography-3734-2
What did your day look like Jordan? Click below!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jordan Parks says:

    These are, of course, amazing! Your new lamp…I need. Love your sweet girls. Fab shots, lady!

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