Fave Five on Five June.

So I was recently asked to be part of really cool project from some really cool people. Two  friends have come up with a small group of female photogs ( myself included) where we share our Five favorite photographs that we took the previous month.  Having so much fun the last few months with the 10 on 10 posts, I knew I wanted to be part of this as well- Doing things like this keeps me thinking, keeps those wheels in my head churning-  And I love seeing what everyone else has been up to as well- It’s so inspiring to me. The group includes a wide variety of talent- some women photograph for a living, some as a relaxing hobby- all with a common creative thread of loving the images they make with all their heart and soul. The way this works is that if you are here reading my post, at the end click the link to check out Barbara’s Post. From there she will link to Vanessa, then on to Jill and then Staci,  then on to Adriana, and then to Alison. It’s bound to be a fun ride every month, a lovely little journey, an escape from the everyday. Thank you ladies for including me, I feel honored and blessed.


June was a great month for me, my kids finished school, work went well, and I was blessed enough to spend a week on Chincoteague Island with my family. I photographed a lot of lovely moments- a gorgeous wedding in the country, a wonderful family session with good friends, summer magic, vacation memories. I was happy to also complete a great book called the Snow Child, by Eowyn Ivey. It was the perfect fantasy/fairy tale read, full of moments I believe will inspire me photographically as well. I loved this quote from the book :


We never know what is going to happen, do we? Life is always throwing us this way and that. That’s where the adventure is. Not knowing where you’ll end up or how you’ll fare. It’s all a mystery, and when we say any different, we’re just lying to ourselves. Tell me, when have you felt most alive?”
Eowyn Ivey, The Snow Child


So here I go. These were my most alive moments in June.



My lovely friend Nancy had asked me if I would take some photos of her for her work as a singer. She was able to rent a space at one of the coolest building in Wilmington Delaware,  World Cafe Live at the Queen. . When I got there, my heart leapt with excitement. The window in the main room was just so amazingly glorious. Nancy came adorned with brilliant headpieces and ballgowns. This was my favorite image of the day. She reminded me of Ginger Rogers.



Do your remember when you were little and you sang your heart out in to a fan? The way your voice sounded as your song bounced off those oscillating blades? I think we all do. This was Phoenix’s first time. And this became an instafave.



I try to always take one polaroid at every wedding I shoot- This one I love. Tim and Liz’s wedding in the middle of Nowhere Pennsylvania was one of the prettiest days I’ve ever witnessed with my own two eyes. Their wedding was complete magic.


Tim and Liz Polaroid

My good friends Brian and Kristina. Sharing an honest to goodness genuine laugh. I love them so- They are two of the nicest souls you can meet.


My last two are Chincoteauge. Every year I take a picture of the girls at an outside eatery called Woody’s. Always sitting on the same table, always the same way. I cannot believe how they have grown. My two little ladies.



My Mom, My Stepdad. This is them all vacation blissed out. They both work so so hard, seeing them relax is always the best.


mamaowlphotography-8208And that is that for me.  Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m excited to see what Barbara Paulsen’s favorite pictures were this month.  She’s an awesome Iphoneographer living in Mt. Hood Oregon. Super cool right?

Please click right here ! 





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    What a start to my day and to this project! So glad you are joining us.

  2. Staci Lee says:

    Beautiful! Phoenix steals the show here! She is adorable!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Audrey, your writing style is lovely and your images make me swoon. That shot of your friend in the window is amazing!!

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