Oh Sweet July. 10 on 10. A story of of love and coffee…because we were so hungry we took bites of our food before we could take a picture of it.

I’m a cheater. A big big big cheater. This was not the 10th, or the llth, or the 12th, or even the 13th. This guys is the 14th. Caroline, Jordan, Suzanne, Sarah, Christine,  eeeep, I”m sorry. I simply forgot. And it rained all kinds of torrential every single day leading up to this weekend this week. So please, accept if you will, today. It was the day I finally reminded myself to take my camera out and photograph something other than work. And it was a good day . Me and my Phil decided to hit up our friend’s recently remodeled and reworked lunch and brunch spot called House.  The food was phenomenal but I don’t have any pictures of it. Honestly, we were so hungry that the moment it came on to our table, we just started eating. Three bites in I realized my mistake. And the light was so dang good in there too. Oh well, next time. I had Eggs Benedict. Phil had French toast with melted swiss, with Sriracha maple syrup. Umm yum.  Did I mention we had no kids? They were away for a weekend with the grandparents.

Here’s what we captured. This was a collaborative effort. Phil says he’s happy to join in our project this month.

















Mah new dress from Modcloth has cameras on it.




Antique Car show in town after brunch. So we walked. And talked. And imagined how sucky life would be without each other.











Happy July ya’ll. Thanks for stopping by. Now I insist you go visit Suzanne.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Jordan Parks says:

    Cute dress! Hi Phil! Looks like a great time WITH NO KIDS! 🙂

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