The Fave Five on Five for July

Well Hello August, can you please tell me where July went? That’s the way summer goes. You blink…and it flies by. It was a fun month, despite it’s speed. We didn’t do too much, I shot a few weddings which made life a little crazy, but in a good way.

It was very hot, and we swam a lot.

I didn’t pick up my camera too much outside of work,but that’s ok, some months are like that.

Here is July’s pick for my favorite shots, and the reasons behind it.

The first one is a group shot of my photo class that taught the second week in July. The local library hosted it, and I had 12 kids aged 11-18. It’s my second year doing it, and loved it so much. They were a phenomenal group.


This is a picture of the girls just being them. I caught them in between a joke.


I shot a gorgeous wedding on July 6th in Wilmington. It was a gorgeous couple, gorgeous venue. I like the word gorgeous.


During a newborn shoot in New Jersey, I snapped this photo of the big sister in her mom’s vanity mirror. She was so adorable.


And lastly, this shot was taken with my Iphone at my Great Aunt Elenor’s house in South Philadelphia. She passed away a while back now, but her home has been untouched. I was there taking some pictures of the furniture so it can be looked at and consigned. I could not resist doing a self portrait in this room, this Time Capsule.

photoAnd that’s a wrap for me.  So here’s how this works, this is a circle blog. I am sharing my five with you,  but you can click here, and follow the link for Barbara’s favorite five. And so on and so forth. Until you go round the horn.

Got it?  Yay! Easy as Pie.

Happy August.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Staci Lee says:

    Beautiful. You have such a gift. The little girl with the sucker in one hand and brush in the other is adorable.

  2. mthoodmama says:

    These photos are all so touching and beautiful. The last one with you in it is my favorite. I can almost feel your Great Aunt smiling down at you. xo

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