10 on 10 October.

I know, I know, I missed like two months with this project! But because I’m no quitter, I”m baaaaaack!

I apologize to my lady friends whom I left hanging. Sorry lovelies!

So the 10th of October was my parents ( mom and stepdad) 15th wedding anniversary, and we decided this year, ( We meaning my sister and I) to cook them dinner. My sister got a pasta making attachment for her Kitchenaid Mixer, and decided she was ready to bust it out- Dinner was awesome, dessert was awesome, the whole evening…Awesome.

Prior to the Anniversary dinner, I received my D800 rental ( when I shoot weddings I need a second camera) for the weekend, and was excited to try it out. I shoot with the Nikon D700, and the D800 is 4 years newer to mine. I was dying to start playing. So play I did. I took some photos of my vintage cameras, my pumpkins, my new favorite fall drink ( hello apple pie martini!) and did a self portrait too. Rounding out the day are some pictures of the kids. And there’s more like 20 here. Maybe if I shoot ten extra this month and next it makes up for the months I missed.







She had a virgin drink!! I do not give my children alchol!


mamaowlphotography-9786 mamaowlphotography-9809




mamaowlphotography-6004  mamaowlphotography-6013mamaowlphotography-6012 mamaowlphotography-6014 mamaowlphotography-6019 mamaowlphotography-6025 mamaowlphotography-6027 mamaowlphotography-6030 mamaowlphotography-6033 mamaowlphotography-6035 mamaowlphotography-6041


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel Bond says:

    Gorgeous photos. How did you end up liking the D800 over your 700? My favorite is your self portrait. There is just something about it.

    1. audreyamaro says:

      Hey Rachel, thank you! I like my D700 better. Don’t get me wrong, the D800 is a lovely camera, and certain things I really like about it- Bracketing is really easy ( but I don’t bracket often) and as far as the saturation of the images, it’s so amazing. But the files are HUGE. It took me and hour to upload 400 pictures off my card in to LR. My hard drive gave me dirty looks the whole time. 🙂 And as far as focusing, I still feel like the 700 is better. Thanks for asking.

  2. Caroline says:

    I love this photos…warm and full of love!!!

  3. Beautiful photography full of love and capturing the night!

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