Right now I’m in the middle of  Picture editing my brains out.

Everyday I send my husband a text.

It says ” My brains haven’t fallen out yet, I”m gonna keep on going then. ”


I feel humbled. I feel dumbstruck.

How am  I doing this thing that I love , and, here’s the kicker, I’m getting paid for it? Whaaat? It’s so cool. And I’m eternally thankful.


But in all that, especially right now, when I’m super busy in wedding edits, and family pictures, it’s easy to lose focus of the artist inside me.

Yes, I’m working at my art, making pictures,  and editing them the way that I see them.  But when I have a few deadlines coming up , the soul stirring, make me break down and cry  art maker inside of me shuts down. And when I say “make me break down and cry art maker inside of me” that’s a good thing. I like being overly moved by my work.It’s what I live for.  But when I’m  super busy, and not sleeping too much, the artist leaves my body. She heads somewhere lovely ( I’m guessing Paris) and we reconnect mid February.

It’s not a bad problem to have. Again, I feel gifted. I don’t feel like I deserve this good fortune to do what I love when I know so many who don’t.  It actually makes me work harder.

Every month for Five on Five I try to add a quote that inspires me.

This month it’s this.


“Make Good ART.”

Neill Gaiman


Neill is one of my all time favorite authors, he’s inspired me with so many of his stories. Last year he gave a commencement speech at The University of the Arts.  It’s a twenty minute speech, but worth listening too. Especially as an artist. He gives lots of good advice, but the biggest point is to never stop making good art. Yes, bad things may happen. Yes, you might get too busy.   Use it as a Catalyst to make good art. Never stop making good art. It’s what gets us through the good and the bad days. (  I’m linking the speech below. )


And it’s true. Photography is something that has saved me. I can’t think of a recent day that I don’t want to go out and make pictures. Now circumstances don’t always allow me to do such. But the fire is there.

Every time I pick up my camera I tell myself to make good art. Let the moment I’m surrounded by move me. Find the light, find the smile,  look, explore, don’t give up. And if my  artist momentarily leaves due to temporary holiday insanity, it’s ok, as long as she comes back to me.

And I’m happy to be in cool little circles with awesome gals who understand, Amen, and Hallelujah all that I just typed. Thank you friends.


All these words deserve some pictures.  November was all about my family when it came to favorites. I didn’t see them half as much as I would have liked so the moments were precious. Stories were read, I took a selfie with the yashica, Phoenix cleaned my house with wings on, And I was able to shoot some portraits of my ever growing lovelier daughters. Feeling blessed.



kathy dan fullsize -0007 kathy dan fullsize -0109 kathy dan fullsize -3255 kathy dan fullsize -6543 kathy dan fullsize -6581


Please click on over to Jill’s blog to see what she was shooting in November! http://www.jillmcadoo.com/blog






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adriana says:

    Thank you for the link to Neil. I love that your artist goes to Paris, wonder where mine goes when things get too busy?! What a great way to think of it. Loving the color in your family photos, I see lots of joy and love!

  2. Staci Lee says:

    You are amazing. I love the truth in all of these. Beautiful!

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