A look back, a look ahead.


As 2013 has ended, I feel a little closure is due. 2013 had it’s ups and downs for sure, but I would say mostly it was ups. At least that’s all I want to, and will remember. Why dwell on the bad, let’s remember the good! I think that last year I was feeling down as the year started, winters are always hard. But I would say that last winter , with it’s very mild temps kept me feeling pretty upbeat. Here’s hoping for similar this year, but I have a feeling it’s going to be colder and snowier. 2013 took me and my family to New Orleans, and Chincoteague Virginia. We also did quite a few day trips, and spent lots of time with friends new and old. Raven started 5th grade, and Phoenix started Kindergarten ( oh my heart!)

I like to start each year with a guiding word , and in 2013 I chose the word Honor. I really tried hard to live up to that word and I believe that I suceeded. When I look back to my post last year about my word, I was hoping for a little more self love, a little less self hate. And I was successful.  I honored my body, I honored my mind, I honored my soul. Of course I had my moments, but again, not dwelling on the negative.

Overall, 2013 was awesome, and I have really high hopes for 2014.

I have chosen a new word, Shine, and will share more about that in my next post.


Here were some faves though, from 2013 .


Favorite Movies I saw : Frozen , Star Trek Into Darkness, The way way back, Before Midnight

Favorite TV Show- Donwnton Abbey

Favorite book- The Snow Child , Catching Fire, The Ocean at the end of the Lane

The songs I couldn’t stop singing –  Thrift Shop ( no judging!! ) Green Light ( Florence and the Machine ) Anything by Lana Del Ray, and Let it Go from Frozen

Favorite moments – Running the Media 5 miler with my friends and family, summer fires in the firepit, taking darkroom class,  taking long walks with my sister, shooting lots of film on summer vacation, baking sugar cookies on winter break with the girls.

And finally, a few favorite pictures.



mamaowlphotography-8218  photo mamaowlphotography-4656 mamaowlphotography-8043 mamaowlphotography-3749 kathy dan fullsize -6543 kathy dan fullsize -6581mamaowlphotography-62760024




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  1. I love how the few photo’s you share are filled with those you love and adore and hold so very close. I love your post and your word is pretty amazing. In my eyes you already shine so bright! It’s a nice positive word to go with you positive attitude. It’s going to be a good year friend. My word is change…..the possibilities are endless. Change can be a good thing. Love you and look so forward to our project, thank you again so very much for believing in me and inviting me to join along. Your friend Tracie

    1. audreyamaro says:

      Oh thank you Tracie! I’m so thankful to have you in my life! Change is a big word, but I know you will, with grace and determination make any changes that you need to or want to- There IS so much possibility! xo Love ya lady!

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