Snow, Ice, and Film. Oh My.

I’ve started my second month of shooting a 365 on film, and I’m very happy about it still. It’s such a slow and steady process that film, and one that I think is teaching me more about lessons in patience. I know this will be a never ending one for me. With that patience is also a hell of a lot of fun. Waiting for the film  to come back is kind of the greatest. I smile all the way to the mailbox to drop it off.
Really I do.

A few weeks back, my youngest, Phoenix had a friend over. I grabbed my camera to take a picture of them.  Phoenix’s friend, asked to see the picture, to which Phoenix replied ” Oh you can’t, it’s a film camera, my mom shoots film. ”   Heart melt. And Heart Cheer. A shiny moment for sure.

Earlier this week someone contacted me because I shoot a lot with my Canon AV-1, my dad’s camera. A lovely gal in who lives in Portland. She just got the same camera and was looking for some advice. That moment, made my heart soar. Passion for film  photography made that happen.  And that was awesome to me.

Last week we had an epic ice and snow  storm which caused a crazy amount of power outages. We lost our power for two whole days, but many lost power for 5 or more. In the midst of that I forgot to share my fave pictures from January, my favorite five on five. I’m happy to include some film.  Here they are.

mamaowl photography-79020002

mamaowl photography-0003

mamaowl photography-0028

mamaowl photography-0101

mamaowl photography-0693


Ok there’s 6 there. But they were all faves.

And now here’s a few more from my film project, some of the latest I’ve shared.

Day 10 mamaowl photography-79020001  mamaowl photography-79020003 mamaowl photography-79020004 mamaowl photography-79020005 mamaowl photography-79020006 mamaowl photography-79020007 mamaowl photography-79020008 mamaowl-73410011

I highly recommend you click on over to see what some of the other gals were up to last month . Here’s a link to the lovely Jill McAdoo.

Here’s to a happy week.



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  1. lOVE, love, LOVE, Love, LoVe, lOvE, I think I covered it in love. The moments are magic, especially the ones with your loves. I like all the owl spottings and well you inspire me. I have had film in my canon A1 since summer I think. Every so often I pick it up and shoot an image. I have no clue what’s even on the film. I need to finish the roll still. I do love the feeling of picking up the film to see what’s been captured. I also have a throw away camera in my kitchen, still not finished that is at least 3 years old. I wonder if this means I’m lazy? I wonder if you may have inspired me to at least try to shoot one image a day with film for at least a month?? We will see.

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