Just under the wire. Fave Five on Five April.



On the fifth of every month me and a group of lovely lady photographers will each post five favorite images from the previous month.  It’s a little blog circle, so to play along, click the link at the end of this page, so that you can see the next set of five favorites. And so on and so forth.  We each bring something a little different to the table- different faces , different scenes. All showing our love of life behind the lens in what we hope is inspiring and true.


April was all about Black and White apparently.


A new favorite notebook. I’m only putting the most special things in here.

mamaowl photography-0009


I know the moment is soon coming when she will give up the bath. I know I will miss it terrible when she does. It’s part of that little little girl, becoming just a girl.  It’s not today and I’m happy. mamaowl photography-0014

This cat is so ridiculously photogenic I can hardly stand it. mamaowl photography-0061


This was my shot for 10 am at  The Hours Blog. mamaowl photography-0093


Just a silly one of them being silly. These moments should go on forever in my opinion.

mamaowl photography-0104


Now follow Jill McAdoo  and see what her faves were!!





One Comment Add yours

  1. vanessa says:

    yes, to all these moments!

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