Five on Five September.


Here we are again, Hello Hello September. September for me went by a little too fast, I wish I could have enjoyed her just a bit more. She was lovely and warm, cool and glorious. We had so many pretty days that I can hardly remember anything but. And while October is probably my most favorite month of the year, September is a close second. September did not disappoint.

Here are just a few favorite images.  And there are more than 5.

Since school started, I’ve started rising at 6:30 am. My oldest is out the door by 7, so I’ve been seeing the world around me, with new morning eyes.  7:30am in my yard is downright magic at times.


Phoenix arranges some flowers below.


My mama makes her wonderful Paella. abimarkwedaug2-0639



My husband in the late afternoon light in our dining room. Both the light and him together, are just so totally it for me.



This is a common sight. My Toms kicked by the bedside. I just love the shadows. abimarkwedaug2-2000


I tucked away a little space for some daily thought and reflection. I love the way the light shines here.



I started reading the Harry Potter books for the first time ever over the summer. I cannot even begin to say how much I love these stories. September I started Order of the Phoenix. abimarkwedaug2-9128


My girls stand sit together for Peace Day 2014. abimarkwedaug2-9147


We took this on her last night of being 5. abimarkwedaug2-9153


If you would like to see what my friend Jill was up to, please click the link below.


Many thanks.

❤ Audrey






2 Comments Add yours

  1. dreamy! so dreamy! I know that banner you have hung by your meditation spot! I have one of those too. michel feist, such a lovely and kind heart. She fixed a print for me once. I barely knew her. Thank you for sharing. thank you so much.

  2. debsaidit says:

    I am so in love with each and every photo. You. Your dreamy husband and of course darling, spunky daughters!! xoxo

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