Five on five IPhone edition – October

I discovered the Tin type Hipstamatic app this month, I am in love with this! I will cherish this selfie of us forever.
Another tin type- I was on my way out to a party, I liked my sparkly hair band.
I shot a wedding along side this gorgeous trail, the Wissahickon in Philadelphia. Perfect Pennsylvania fall day.
Pretty light in a pretty coffee shop.
My friend Rocco.
My unbelievably awesome family. I just love this.
Phoenix Fashionista.

 please follow the blog circle, go see Jill over at to see what her October looked like!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alison says:

    Love your shots! Those first two from the tintype are lovely. I have it but clearly need to do more playing with it – beautiful inspiration!

  2. Staci Lee says:

    I love the that tin type! I might need to try it!

  3. so many sweet little moments here. I love that we don’t always have to have our big camera out to make magical memories. beautiful as always!

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