A look back – The Hours 2014

“My Grace is sufficient for you

For my power is made perfect in Weakness. ”

2 Corinthians 12 :9

I’m so happy and thankful for The Hours in 2014. 

What is  The Hours?

A group of photographers ( 2014 was 32 of us ) passionately sharing an hour of their day, one per month in 2014. This project was very grounding for me, one that I leaned in to as life got hard  this year.  My struggles were health and family related, and presence became something that felt non existent during my hard days. What a gift an hourly focused project became to me. It forced presence when I felt so driven, so focused on the future.

Here is 2014.

We started at 7am, and ended at 6.

While on our site we focus on the image and not so much the story, I’m sharing the story behind the image on my site here today.

This is 7am. Funny little tidbit. I did not notice when I sent this over, that my foot was in the picture. It took me two weeks, and only when pointed out to me. I was appalled. And now I love this imperfectly perfect detail. This is my girl. My little. Clutching her at the time new Elsa. Remember when Frozen felt new?
8am. February 2014 brought neverending amounts of snow. Even now, at 34 years of age, 2014’s amount of snow was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It was a daily occurrence.
9am. Shot with a Poloaroid 600 One step. This is my baby kitty man. The sad thing is he died very suddenly this year, so this image has become a very treasured moment of 2014. He was the kindest, sweetest, most adoring soul. My heart just aches for him, and I keep seeing him in my dreams.
10am. More Frozen. My daughters bought me these mugs and I love them. I’m so thankful for their little gifts.
11am The most lovely of births is the birth of blossoms in April. When earth wakes up and gifts us with her beauty.
12pm. I never visited Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC until May of 2014 . I felt so moved in this space. I spied this man and I assume his father in this place on this gray day. I really really love this image.
1pm. I remember this shoot so so well, as I was aching so vividly on the inside. I was fresh on some heavy news of my daughter’s health. And here I was creating art from something so so dark and painful. And I love it. From that pain, from that dark came light and magic. I think God was taking care of me so so well this day.
2pm. How gorgeous are my girls? I know that I’m partial but they are. Just so beautiful, and light and wonderful . I still was in such a dark, anxious space when this was taken. And it’s on film and it’s my favorite from the year.
3pm. I am moving on from sadness and sorrow to light once more. I am determined to see the beauty in the flawed.
4pm. It felt lovely and warm . Like apples in the sun .
5pm. My lovely creative friends in front of their gorgeous home. I love them.
6pm. Farewell 2014, filled with tumultuous times. I love the light and the owls. My favorite things.

So there it is.

2014 at The Hours.

While I will always look at this year from both sides, I hope I only learn to see the awareness, the knowledge. It will take time I know.

As 2015 approaches I have new hopes and dreams.

And my wish is for a presence, an awareness of the blessing that is daily breath. We are all going through something, each and every one.

My hope is for grace and wisdom and love beyond what is normal.

Many thanks in following along.

❤ ❤

We are full steam ahead and ready to go for The Hours 2015, and invite you all to tune in to the beauty, and also invite you to play along.

I will be sharing the new soon .

Many blessings,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Staci Lee says:

    I love all the notes on the images. I especially love the one about your foot! I had never noticed, but now that it is pointed out I love it!

    This quote, “My hope is for grace and wisdom and love beyond what is normal.” YES! I million times yes!

    Looking forward to watching all the seeds that were planted in 2014 begin to grow and bring fruit in 2015.

  2. Vanessa says:

    So much love, for you, for your work, for your sweet family. xo

  3. Kristen says:

    I just love this project and as always, your photography. Here’s to a wonderful 2015, Audrey! I hope it treats you well!

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