December’s 5 on 5

“Make each day your masterpiece. ” – John Wooden

December was a super enjoyable month. I would say, my favorite month of the whole year. It was not filled with a whole lot of busy, just the perfect amount of busy.

It was filled with family and friends, get togethers, and delicious things to eat and drink. All the good stuff.

Love is where compassion prevails and kindness rules. Thank you Yogi tea.


My town at night.


My new friend Phil, and his epic hair. I had the opportunity to to do a lighting workshop hosted by my friends and this was a favorite from that day.


So I don’t celebrate Christmas but it does not mean that I don’t buy all the cute owl ornaments in the stores and hang them from doorknobs and strung lights in my office space.


This is what my wall looked like close to the end of December all filled with friends near and far. Thank you for the love, for the pictures, for the sharing of your life with ours. xo


Please go visit my friend Jill’s blog and complete our little circle blog. Thank you!

Happy 2015


One Comment Add yours

  1. Staci Lee says:

    Phil’s hair is epic! Love all the love on your wall!

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