Five on Five July












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On the fifth of every month me and  a group of photographers each post five favorite photos from the previous month. It’s a blog circle of awesomeness that I’m very honored to be a part of.  At the bottom  of each post,  there is a link to the next photographer and post.

Here is my July.

Packed full of life, and love, and more love.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed my first trip to Chanticleer Gardens.  ( Images 1-3)

My heart melted during family shoot with the Palman Family. (Images 4 and 5)

Ashley and Justin’s wedding was so pretty. (Images 6 and 7)

Phoenix got a disco ball. (Image 8)

My sister Natalie’s Bridal Shower. ( Image 9)

Hot summer afternoon. My shot for 2pm at The Hours.  ( Image 10)

Once in a Blue Moon. ( Image 11)

Dancing at the Ballet. ( Image 12)

Please follow the circle and see what my friend Jill was up to during July…….


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  1. Staci Lee says:

    Such quiet and delicate moments here. Lovely.

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