Quietly staring at the sea.


I often experience the passing of summer with deep sadness. I would say that this has been more the case the last few  summers. I’ve truly felt like a girl on a journey the last few years of my life. Maybe since the clock of my body struck thirty. I feel as if each passing year I figure out a few more things about myself. Allowing myself to follow my passion of photography was an enormous catapult in the right direction. I don’t often express just how fortunate I feel to be doing something that makes me so happy. Well I do. I feel overwhelmingly blessed. I’ve also felt like inside that gift, inside my heart ( because that is where true art is made) I’ve discovered where I’m content.   My favorite moments this summer were spent just enjoying life, love, and the beauty around me. I fell in love with the moon. I noticed a lot of birds. There were moments filled with emotion. And calm. And passion. I found myself so in love with the ocean that I spent each day of vacation in the water. After a 10 year hiatus from swimming in the ocean, I once again felt like a little girl diving in the waves. My heart was restored in the sea. I tried to stay present. Enjoy the moment, in the moment. This is always hard for me but I’m getting better. I didn’t try to take perfect pictures. I tried to see people with an open heart. I tried to capture the beauty of the soul. I tried to breathe colors. I saw moments in black and white too. On my last day of vacation, Phil and I headed to the beach at Sunrise. In that moment, as I sat there waiting, I made myself a promise to remember. To remember the way the sand felt between my toes, and the way my hand felt inside my husband’s hand. Real magic lives inside each crashing wave.  True grace is found during moments felt quietly staring at the sea.

I saw this quote this morning. The one above. I fell in love with this past summer deeply. I wrote it on my heart. Now it’s a part of me. I don’t have to say goodbye.

Here are a few favorite moments.

summermoments-1 summermoments-3 summermoments-4 summermoments-5 summermoments-6 summermoments-7 summermoments-8 summermoments-11 summermoments-12 summermoments-15 summermoments-16 summermoments-17 summermoments-18 summermoments-19 summermoments-20 summermoments-21 summermoments-22 summermoments-23 summermoments-24 summermoments-26 summermoments-27 summermoments-28 summermoments-29 summermoments-30 summermoments-31 summermoments-32


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