Courage- My 2016 Guiding Word

A few years back, I was introduced, by a lovely group of artists, the idea of choosing a guiding word as you entered a new year. This idea, as you can imagine, resonated with me. The idea is this:  after you think about the goals you want to try to accomplish in the coming year, choose a word that helps facilitate, inspire, and allows those goals flight. The last four years, the last four words, have served me incredibly well. In 2012, when I was just in the baby steps of starting my business, I chose BE. BE helped me in so many ways. Be helped shape me, and get me to a place where I could come out of my shell. I felt like a baby bird that year, finally willing to stretch my wings . In 2013 I chose Honor, mostly because I felt spiritually lost. I knew that I was one of God’s special creatures. I just wanted to get back to reminding myself daily of that fact.  I know that I was guided on many light filled paths that year, and I felt inspired. In 2014 I chose SHINE. 2014 was eye opening because I had a lot of stress. However, I think deep down, beyond the darkness that I faced, I was pulled through that time by the purest of lights.There is a Leonard Cohen song that says “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”  In 2015, instead of a word, I chose a phrase. I am worthy. This phrase, changed me. All over my house on every mirror, I placed  flash cards that say ” I am worthy” or “You are Worthy”, or “You are beautiful”. It’s a funny thing when you do that. You really start to believe it. I swear I started to see only the things I liked when I looked at my own reflection. And the things that I didn’t, I gave them a rub and told them I loved them anyway. I’m talking about my physical self and what was on the inside. I enjoyed eating and drinking last year, and I don’t think I dieted one day.I don’t think that has happened since I was 12. And from that phrase, bubbled up something big. I think when you let yourself be loved by yourself, this crazy feeling of gratitude washes over you. I found myself crying grateful tears on a daily basis. In May, on my 35th Birthday I got a tattoo on my arm that says “Sono Grata”. It means I am grateful in Italian. On my harshest of days, when I feel myself downspiraling, I have this reminder of the good. And that reminder, allows me to reconnect with the knowing that I am worthy of love and belonging. We all are.

Artist Kelly Rae Roberts

For the last month or so, I’ve known my word for this year. 2016. My word will be Courage. I want to show myself that I have what it takes in me to Be and Shine. I want to Courageously Honor myself and shower myself with Love because I am worthy of it. I’ve put off creative projects because I’ve felt scared. I’m not doing them for anyone but myself, so what’s to be scared of?  I read a quote today by Elizabeth Gilbert, that said ” Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart”. Heck yeah! I will courageously do so.  Courage means a lot more though too. I hope to courageously rid myself of some bad habits that feel like second skins to me. The biggest of these is my quest for controlling situations and allowing anxiety to sit in my vulnerable places. Anxiety is like my security blanket. It’s gonna take big courage to let her go. Please share with me your favorite blissful respite when you feel anxious. I would love to gather an arsenal.FullSizeRender

How about you? Have you chosen a word or phrase? I would love to hear it .

Wishing you all a very happy 2016. Be in touch.

Peace. xx

Sono Grata.




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  1. Staci Lee says:

    First, you are stunning. Second, I love your word! That is a great word. I can’t wait to see what it brings you. My word is treasure this year.

  2. Toni says:

    Beautiful blog. Beautiful photo. I guess my word is Joy. I’m so busy trying to keep everything together that I forget to just have fun. Thanks for the reminder!

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