Five on Five June

Hello and Happy July!

I can hardly believe that June came and went so quickly- We had Phoenix’s Dance recital, school ended, and we went to the Outer Banks on Vacation. I shot mostly film on vacation, and don’t have any of it back as of yet. Hoping some shots make it in to next months favorites! Our good friends and neighbors moved and most of these shots are of them, and their little kitty Philomena, who was like the cruise director of our street. She was the meeter, the greeter, the connector. We will miss the whole family so dearly. One of these shots is an image of a picture that Raven made for Phoenix at her dance recital. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, the moment she gave it to her touched my heart so much . My girls have such a unique bond. Lastly, a big Pink Peony, with some Queen Anne’s Lace that just kind of softened my heart on an evening I had been feeling anxious.

This is a blog circle, so please click on my friend Jill’s link and see what her favorites were for June.

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  1. Staci Lee says:

    That purple flower is just perfect. Such love in these.

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