July Favorites

On the fifth of every month me and  a group of photographers each post five favorite photos from the previous month. It’s a blog circle of awesomeness that I’m very honored to be a part of.  At the bottom  of each post,  there is a link to the next photographer and post.


I think it takes a while for summer’s flame to catch. By July, the lungs open and you’re truly breathing in all of summer’s joys. By August, summer is living in your bones so much that  when September comes it  feels like disease . Atrophy sets in and back to school and work are the therapy prescribed. We fall back in to place quickly and summer feels like a distant memory.I often find myself looking over my summer pictures when Winter sets in, and I’m trying to remember what that summer breath feels like. I sit by the window on freezing days and tell my body to remember. It’s not until the summer  comes once more for the muscle memory to return. It comes rushing back like a wave, or, a flame catching. Summer holds space for our weary working souls. Summer takes our hand and listens.

Summer is simple. Sleeping late. Cicadas song. Sitting under the tree in the yard. Late nights spent laughing. Waking up and reading with coffee. Pouring Rose’ at 5 and reading till dusk. Summer is long walks with the dog. Cannonballs, floating, and letting the sun brown your skin. Ice cream for dinner. Windows down and singing with your kids at the tippy top of your lungs. The whir of the fan lulling you to sleep. Less clothes. Grass between your toes. Sand between your toes. Ice cold beer. The heavenly sound of the waves crashing. This is the church I want to belong to. Amen.


Please do me favor and click on over to my friend Jill’s blog, where you can see her July.


Thank you! Enjoy every bit of summer! xoxo



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Staci Lee says:

    Beautiful. Let me know when that church meets… I am all in.

  2. Jill says:

    Seriously, that is my kind of church!

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