January 5 on 5

” The Practice of Peace and Reconciliation is one of the most vital and artistic of human actions.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Oh January, you with all that you stir up. I often feel that January in my physical space, is stark juxtaposition from where I want to be mentally and emotionally. After a month of eating and drinking and staying up late indulging and spending money, you then are thrown in to all the deep seated feeling of : “Whoa, time to slow down, time to reflect, time to get peaceful and quiet and think of where I want to be.” Add to that all that is going on in this country….and well…it’s been a journey. I know that I’m not alone, I know that many of my friends and family are feeling it too. I didn’t take too many pictures for myself in January. I’ve been busy wrapping up 2016, lots of editing, lots of sitting in front of the computer, covered up in big blankets. There were a few moments, those are below.

I really love this blog, and I’m going on 4 years of doing this  circle with the same group of awesome women. These women are amazing teachers in my life, and I implore you to follow the blog through and read what they have to say and let your heart take in their gorgeous imagery.

There is Jill, Staci, Andrea, Vanessa, and Alison. We live in Arizona, Southern California, Northern California, Washington State, Minnesota, and Philadelphia. I love these ladies.

I will link Jill’s blog at the bottom of this post.

Here we go, January 2017.

1. Saying goodbye to my Solstice/Christmas tree was hard. I didn’t want to see it go.

2.Oliver, in a staying still moment is a rarity.

3.Raven. 13, almost 14, teenagers are a force, I am learning, I am learning.

4. While watering my plants one evening, I took a few macro shots. My succulents make me so happy.

5. The girls, together, being silly, and nice to each other. A worthy snap for sure.

jan5on5-1jan5on5-2jan5on5-3jan5on5-4jan5on5-5Thank you for stopping over, letting me share my slice of life with you. Happy February.

Please visit my friend Jill’s page here


Thank you!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jill says:

    Your daughters are so beautiful and full of awesome. Love that last photo. 🙂

  2. Staci Lee says:

    Beautiful… your words about this little blog circle made me tear up! I am so thankful for you and your light in my life.

  3. focusinphotography says:

    Your girls…. beautiful Audrey. I am so glad to be in this circle with you! xo

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