May 5 on five

So happy to be back and sharing some favorite images from the month of May with some of my favorite ladies. This is a blog circle, so at the bottom of this post there is a link to my friend Jill’s post- she will share 5 images from her May. And then Jill will share Staci’s, and Staci will share Vanessa’s, and Vanessa will share Adriana’s, and Adriana will share Alison’s. And then you will be back to me. Got it? Awesome. Take a few minutes from your day for a sweet respite of words and images.

May was busy, and I find that this month I wanted to share a few quiet moments, and one very proud moment. I seemed to be drawn to the sweet pups  this month, as you will see below.

Oliver gives me this face when I have to leave in the morning, or the afternoon or well if I have to leave him at all. 


This is one of those moments that I know she will look back on fondly and most definitely laugh. Ukulele rocking with her dolls. 
The only thing I know about this pup is that her name is Jamilla. And she sat next to me while we ate pizza last Sunday. I wanted to put her in my bag and take her with me!


I don’t think the moon will ever not leave me spell bound. 
Phoenix was an orphan in her school’s production of Annie Kids. I am so proud of her, she was such a natural on stage. 


Here is the link to Jill’s post for May :


Wishing you a peaceful June!






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Staci Lee says:

    I love your pup. What a sweetie. And that last one of your sweet girl is wonderful! She really is growing into a beautiful woman.

  2. focusinphotography says:

    oh man, your girl… these are wonderful images of her.

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